August 12, 2013
Almost the end of Racing at Saratoga
August 29, 2013
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When your horse’s odds will only return 70 cents for every dollar bet, he’s called an “odds-on favorite.” So was the case yesterday when It’s Truly Ahvee ran a 6 furlong race at a second-tier racetrack, known as Finger Lakes. It’s about 25 miles out of Rochester, NY.

It’s bad enough having one of your favorite horses sent to purgatory but not even sending our Everything’s Cricket Racing jockey silks to this less than stellar racetrack adds insult to injury. So, the jockey had to wear Finger Lakes Racetrack silks, sort of a grayish-blue with a big FL on the back.

The entire purse was only $22,000 (of course, that’s bigger than any harness track purse we’ve been in). Nonetheless, no matter the ignominious nature of the occasion, It’s Truly Ahvee came to run and, at least, the race caller pronounced his name correctly. Plus, the jockey was an old friend, Oscar Gomez (they now call him “The Missile!) who had been Linda’s top exercise rider for many years.

When the starter’s bell sounded, It’s Truly Ahvee was off first, followed by Felonious Fred (love that alliteration!). Soon a longshot drew alongside but he couldn’t keep up with ITA. Then, Felonious Fred made his move. Coming out of the  stretch turn, as they neared the head of the stretch, Fred seemed to have overtaken Ahvee. Our hearts were stuck in our throats!

Then, Oscar started reminding ITA it was time to run and run he did, drawing away to more than a 3 length victory. Yes, it was a smaller race but, as they like to say in sports, “a “W” is a “W!”

The summertime is waning, the days are getting shorter and the Saratoga meet is racing to a close. Only 11 days left. The time flies by.

Jess Not Jesse is pointing to a race on August 29th, Hear the Footsteps will enter a race for August 30th and Hidden Music may get to race on September 1st. Looks like she won’t enter Brother Bob until Belmont.

Cameron Lucky will run Thursday night from the 8 hole in the 11th race. This doesn’t give her a good chance. We’re doing some acquiring of new harness horses to help Eric out. He and Jeanne have become good friends.




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