A few words about our time in Kentucky

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May 6, 2013
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May 25, 2013
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A few words about our time in Kentucky

When we arrived in Louisville, Chris picked us up at the airport and left the car with us, so we could get around. He arranged for our room not far from his home in the burbs for $800 compared to the over $3,000 we spent at the Galt House last year. He put water, snacks and other goodies in the refrigerator and elsewhere in the room.

We met several of our winning superfecta group from last year at Drake’s Tavern, two of them (Rob and John) for the first time. They were very nice. We all made our picks, drank and had a jolly old time.

Later, Mark — after considerable trouble — had managed to get us dinner reservations at the famous Jeff Ruby Steakhouse (We couldn’t get in last year). There we met the beautiful woman, Kris, who owned the table we would be sitting at in the Turf Club at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Oaks and the Derby. BTW, Mark is the one that waited on his porch for the delivery of Rhoda’s Derby hat below. 

Friday we congregated at Popsy’s and Jan’s for early drinking and then piled into the Limo for our trip to Churchill Downs, where Chris had arranged for Kosher meals. We didn’t want the airline food, so we just ate salads, cheese and small salmon dishes washed down by the pink Oaks drink called the Lily. Here’s Rhoda in her Oaks outfit. Sorry it’s not full length. Her high platform, even higher heel hot pink shoes were a sight to behold.

Friday night we went to the Barnstable-Brown Mansion for a charity function featuring food, drink, music, dancing and celebs. Here’s Rhoda with Josh Henderson (John Ross Ewing III on Dallas).

Saturday — Derby Day — was a repeat of the Friday schedule. Only one problem, we brought Friday’s Oaks tickets and not Saturday’s Derby tickets. It took half an hour but thanks to Churchill Downs’s Carl Ackerman and the ability to get our hostess, Kris, on the phone, we did get in.

We were supposed to go to Mark’s house for dinner, etc. but since it was raining all day, his patio was not functional. No one wanted to go out for dinner, so we went ourselves.

Sunday morning, we went out ourselves for breakfast. Tammy picked up our car and Mark took us to the airport. We missed spending more time with the Kentucky group but a good time was had, nonetheless. Hopefully, we’ll see them next in Saratoga this summer.

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