Belmont meet ends Sunday

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July 9, 2010
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July 19, 2010
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Belmont meet ends Sunday

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Hopefully, Holy Blitzer will win the 8th race on Sunday on the grass at 6 furlongs. She runs against our friends’ Patsy Symon’s Gitchie Goomie and Larry Goichman’s High Cry and four or five others. Apparently Ramon Dominguez thinks High Cry has a better chance than Blitzer, since he opted to ride that horse even though he won with Holy Blitzer easily in her last race. He replaces Cornelio Velasquez on High Cry. Now, he will ride Holy Blitzer. Oh well, we don’t seem to get a lot of respect for our horses.

Katy’s Office Girl has a slight condylar fracture of her ankle. It will require stall rest and a slow comeback. Unless her ankle gets better and she doesn’t show the fracture on her 10-day follow-up X-ray, we can presume it will be 90 – 120 days before she is training again.

Ahvee’s Destiny “ran down” in her race at Suffolk Downs. I believe this means she “burned” her hooves during the race and is being treated with TLC and no workouts. She is aiming to race on August 1st at Saratoga in the same race she won last year, The Finney Stakes.

Hear the Footsteps in putting on weight. If he doesn’t bleed in his workouts, he will race on August 7th at Saratoga.

Arielle’s Song is due to breeze early next week. If she stays well, she will race soon at Saratoga. It may be her last chance as a race horse.

Stuck With you (I mean, It’s Truly Ahvee) and the Obviously New York two-year olds continue Gate Training and will breeze next week. Hopefully, they are on the verge of competing on the race track.

Cricky’sGoldeneyes is still on the farm in Florida. He will not come North until September but Pat says he’s doing well… maturing and enjoying himself.

We’ll be a Belmont to root for Holy Blitzer. Go Blitzer!

Have a nice weekend.


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