May 7, 2014

Arch Traveler wins at Finger Lakes!

Emotional Horse Owners It was NOT the Kentucky Derby but there was an emotional satisfaction watching Arch Traveler on my I-Phone while at a business lunch […]
May 4, 2014

Ashes, ashes, all fall down!

The ashes of Kentucky We had the winner of the Kentucky Oaks. We picked three out of the first four finishers on Friday. Today, we picked […]
May 2, 2014

Kentucky Derby & Oaks

It’s Derby time! No, none of our horses are in the Kentucky Derby… but Patsy has her Effie Trinket running in a $300,000 Stakes at Churchill […]
April 11, 2014

Photos of Mom and foal in Kentucky

Kentucky photos They’re at Scott Mallory’s farm. He took these photos.