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April 29, 2010
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May 4, 2010
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Churchill Drowns…

Posted by Avram Freedberg
…but it was beautiful in New York, except near the Throgs Neck Bridge. It took us ~1 ¾ hors to get there just in time to go to the paddock. Turned out Hear the Footsteps’ maiden race was over ½ hour before the Derby was run. Linda Rice said he would come up short but as the race progressed, we got more and more excited.

He was in it from the start. In fact, early on he was first for a stride or two. Then Gabriel Saez settled him down and he ran third most of the way. Around the stretch turn for home, he looked like he would overtake and pass the leader, then draw away… but he did not. They battled down the stretch, head and head. As you can imagine, we were screaming our lungs out and imploring him to pass the other horse. This IS where he came up short, as a third horse came past on the outside. Were bested by two noses to finish third. It was a very exciting race. He could have won up to the very end.

It is the best first race of any of those in our small stable. A very respectable race for Hear the Footsteps. Rob did a very good job of naming him. His sire was Read the Footnotes and the track announcer, as well as the chart of the race (see the link) call him Hear the Footnotes one time each.


It was nice that Rob’s friend Richard Pressman’s horse, Might Tuff, won at 33-1. It was nice because we were beaten a nose by the horse inside of us (Solar Panel), so good for him, if it couldn’t be us. We’ll get ‘em next time.

Katy’s office Girl is next up Wednesday, if there is not too much rain and they leave it on the grass.

Yeah, there was a Kentucky Derby today. Congrats to Todd Pletcher, one of the country’s leading trainers who had not won the Derby… until today with Super Saver, ridden by Calvin Borel. Seems he can ride anything to a victory in the Derby. Calvin’s won 3 out of the last 4 years. Congrats to Shelly S. who picked this winner. I gotta get him to publish a tip sheet!

Hope for more good news mid-week.

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