Conseated Lady’s first race

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August 20, 2009
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August 25, 2009
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Conseated Lady’s first race

She’s 3 years old and has never run. She’s scheduled for her first race on Monday, August 24th. Hopefully, since it’s Jonathan’s birthday, she will get a bit of good luck from that special occasion. Because Linda Rice is the leading trainer at the Saratoga racing meet, we are a 3-1 favorite. This is hardly what you’d expect from a horse that’s taken so long to get to the racetrack but I hope they’re right and she wins! And, no, I didn’t spell conceited, I spelled conseated… her sire in CONgaree and her dam is SEATtle Stardust. Hence, CONSEATed Lady.

Linda got stepped on by a horse she was saddling in the paddock last week. She neglected to take aggressive action and got a bad infection. She is now being treated with IV antibiotics. It’s not worth being the leader trainer, if you lose a foot.

We went to a great concert at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Marvin Hamlisch, Richard’s old friend, conducted the Philadelphia Philharmonic and played piano to Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, the Gershwins and his own music. His patter was interesting and often funny and the music was great!

Yesterday was the first time I can remember the spectators at a racetrack applauding the whole field of horses when six of them finished across the track at the finish line of yesterday’s ninth race. There was a nose between each of the first four finishers and couldn’t have been much more between the other two. Unfortunately, our friend Ziggie’s horse trained by Linda finished in the third position.

Some 100 people, including us, went to see Rachel Alexandra, the super filly, workout at 6AM in the fog. We saw her win the Mother Goose at Belmont by 12 lengths. She’s got star power.

We went to see Tom Durkin, America’s premier race caller, in his booth high above the Saratoga Race Track. We’ve been getting our guests to go too, so they can see how he memorizes all the horses’ names before each race and what he does to make his race call happen. He’s a very colorful character and it’s a very interesting and entertaining experience.

I expected to write a bit more frequently. My apologies. I’ve been under the weather. Plus, we are shooting part of a TV commercial in Washington, DC this week.

This week is Travers week. The Travers is the most important race of the Saratoga season. $1,000,000 purse, 1 ¼ miles. Everyone is still waiting to hear if Rachel Alexandra will actually run.

It’s also our last week. Hopefully, Ahvee’s Destiny will run next Sunday and give us a win at the end of our season at Saratoga. We know she’ll be trying!

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