Delta Outlaw runs at Belmont today

Delta Outlaw to race tomorrow
October 4, 2017
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October 23, 2017
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Delta Outlaw runs at Belmont today


9th Race at 5:19 PM

6 1/2 furlongs on the dirt with Rosario Montanez riding from post 1. It’s a $14,000 claimer with a good chance to be claimed. Delta Outlaw bled a little in his last race and faded from first to fourth.

It’s a needed diversion. There is too much pain from tragic losses this week. Two young men. How do you give their parents any solace? You can only give them love but, of course, that doesn’t replace the loss, no matter how much love they receive from others. It only fills a small part of their broken hearts. There is much we can’t control or do anything about. So, you go to the racetrack and hope you can forget their tragedies for a few minutes.

You get to see your good friend for the race and for dinner afterwards. Of course, you think of her loss… our loss of her husband and our good friend. You don’t forget who’s missing but you cherish the wonderful memories.

Speaking of memories, you may remember Hear the Footsteps, our 5-time winner who almost always finished in the money. We wanted to rescue him some time after he was claimed from us but his last trainer had already given him away. With the trainer’s help, we were able to track him down.

He’s now living on a Shoshoni-Bannock Native-American reservation in Fort Hall, Idaho. The owner’s 17 year-old daughter has changed Footsie’s name to Mitchum and uses him as a riding horse. I sent them photos of his five racetrack victories. We’re so glad he is loved and being taken care of well.

Good luck to Delta Outlaw!

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