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September 9, 2011
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September 27, 2011
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Fall Racing

Holy Blitzer will race today at Belmont Park in the 2nd race on the grass with Ramon Dominguez in the saddle. It’s probably her last chance to perform before she gets shipped out to Finger Lakes but it’s against stiff competition. I’m assuming it’s the only kind of race that would be on the grass this time of year, because it certainly doesn’t seem fair to her. The morning line odds are 15-1.

Ahvee’s Destiny will take a whirl at Presque Isle again in a sprint some time in the next week. Details to follow when we know them. Awakino Cat is pointing to a listed Stakes at Belmont on September 29th at 6 furlongs.

Katy’s Office Girl is being entered today for a race on 9/25 at Belmont but we don’t know whether it will be used or whether it will be affected by the rainy forecast. The rain is the reason that a race we were anticipating for the Hear the Footsteps at Belmont on Saturday was not used.

Next week, It’s Truly Ahvee and Cricket’sGoldeneyes will be ultrasounded and a dtermination made about trying to put them back in training, if possible.

That’s the skinny!

Next week is Jewish New Year, so we wish a Happy, Healthy, Successful New Year to all!



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