Freud smoked a cigarette…

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March 7, 2012
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March 10, 2012
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Freud smoked a cigarette…

…and Ahvee’s Destiny had a smile on her face, after they consummated the act. In horse lingo, they say, Freud “covered” Ahvee’s Destiny.

Today, she ovulated, which is a good sign. In eighteen days, we’ll know whether she is “in foal.”

Tonight, Numismatic runs in the tenth race at Saratoga Harness. Tomorrow, MarvelThisBliss runs in the sixth race. Eric thinks we will be first or second in both… we’ll see!

It’s Truly Ahvee is “tucked up.” It means his stomach is flattening out because he doesn’t eat enough and losses weight from his workouts. I wish I was tucked up. For him, it means a little less work than might be usual before entering a race. Linda says she sees a possible race for him on March 28th. We can’t wait!

Cricky’sGoldenEyes is a little sore in his joints but should be fine. Let’s hope so. He’s been on vacation for most of his life!

Awakino Cat may be ready to race by April and Hear the Footsteps should be going back in training up here soon.

Have a lovely weekend and keep that picture of Ahvee’s Destiny smiling in your mind! It’s definitely in mine.



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