Goodbye, Katy, we’ll miss you!

Katy’s Office Girl
November 11, 2011
Hear the Footsteps runs Sunday
November 18, 2011
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Goodbye, Katy, we’ll miss you!

Katy’s Office Girl was always a sweet horse and nice to spend time with. Today at Aqueduct, she started coming out of the gate just before it opened and then she reared up on her hind legs. This put her even further back than usual and Ramon couldn’t get her back into the race. She closed, as usual, but could do no better than 7th. When she came back, a red claiming tag was waiting for her. It was, after all, a $16,000 claiming race and Trainer Jeff Odintz claimed her for one of his clients. I had a tear in my eye as she left to go back to a different stable. I have to remember this is a business and, eventhough Linda puts us into the “owners who love their horses like pets” category, this is what happens every day at the racetrack when your horse is not good enough to run in “protected” races like allowances or stakes. We wish her the best and will be watching whenever she runs for her new owners. I’ll be stroking Ahvee’s Destiny even more passionately when we visit her at the farm next weekend.

This leaves us with one active horse, Hear the Footsteps. Hopefully, he will get to run again this year.

Awakino Cat is doing well at a lay-up facility near the Mid-Atlantic Equine Center in New Jersey. We want him to be 100% before sending him down to Florida.

Today, we got our Players cards at the new Resorts World casino at Aqueduct. There weren’t enough Poker machines but it’s certainly doing lots of business.

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