Happiness and pain in horse racing

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July 30, 2018
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Happiness and pain in horse racing


Life or Death

Horse racing can be a matter of life or death… for the horses and for their riders. Our foundation horse, Ahvee’s Destiny, is fighting for her life. The circulation to her left front hoof is compromised. She is unable to grow new hoof. So, she had surgery a few days ago to try and help the circulation improve. The doctor says it is 50-50. As you can imagine, all else becomes secondary to her fight for life.

We have lots of happy photos with her, with Nicodemus and Alphalfa, with our grandchildren and their mothers. We’ll share those photos down the road. Right now, we try to enjoy the many good things that Saratoga Springs offers, while we climb the wall of worry. On Wednesday, Daring Destiny, Ahvee’s first born, won a cheap race at the Finger Lakes. Even so, we took it as a sign that things may work out.

Another messy problem was our disengaging from trainer Assaf Ronen. We wish him well in his endeavors. Hopefully, we will turn some of the horses we acquired while trying to help him into runners… or we will get them out of inventory.

Alphalpha is a very sweet horse. However, when Linda has breezed him (timed workout), he hasn’t looked like much of  a runner… until he breezed on the grass. Though I didn’t see the marked improvement that Linda saw, we can hope and dream. Hopefully he will make his first start up here by the end of the Meet.

Nicodemus is a very exciting horse. After his big 3rd race in the Curlin Stakes, he became lame. It seems the answer is that he had a left suspensory problem as a 2-yr. old which kept him from the races until June of his 3-year old year. That problem probably resulted in him protecting the area by putting more strain on his right side. Anyway, he will be out for awhile. We’ll get an idea of how long after he has been treated for the next 3 weeks or so.

We’ve had nice times with family and friends. It’s been quiet, guest-wise since Tuesday, so am getting some chores done.

Last week, our friend Aron invited us to buy into a horse he claimed, so we’re doing so. His name is Wild Colonial Boy. He’s a gray horse with talent who broke his maiden by day light in the race Aron claimed him from. He’s got some weird tendons but we hope he will be able to overcome those problems and be a fun race horse. He IS very likable. So is Aron!

Summer weather has been very changeable and pretty wet… the opposite of last summer. We’ve got only 3 weekends left to this season. Time flies whether you’re having fun or your not. Hope to have better news soon.

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