Happy Birthday New Year!

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December 16, 2008
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Happy Birthday New Year!

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Aside from Sheri whose birthday is New Year’s Day and who turned a year younger, all Thoroughbred race horses turn a year older on New Year’s Day. It’s just a convention to make it easier to enter horses into races meant for a specific age. That means that Ahvee’s Destiny is now a 5 year old mare, closer to becoming a brood mare than a filly just starting out. Arielle’s Song and ConSeated Lady are both now 3 year old maidens who have yet to race. Holy Blitzer and Katy’s Office Girl are two year olds and our new unnamed weanling whose sire is Midaseyes is now a yearling.

Here’s how they stack up: Ahvee’s Destiny was turned out after her last race. She came out of that race with a sore foot which her vacation should help heal. She should be back in training by late February.

ConSeated Lady is in training at Palm Meadows training facility in Florida. Soon she’ll have her first “breeze.” This will tell us how she’s doing, what kind of maiden race to point her towards, etc. Since she’s a New York bred (as are all our horses, except for Arielle’s Song), she’ll be shipped to compete in New York.

Arielle’s Song has been our problem child almost from the get-go. The tendon on her right side is still bigger than the one on her left side, though the differential has narrowed. So, the question is does she need a much longer term recovery period to get the sizes closer together or, just like many animals, is one side just naturally larger than the other? To find out, we’ll keep her turned out but put her under tack and give her some light exercise and galloping without stress for 30 days. Then, we’ll ultrasound her again and see if the exercise has inflamed the area again. Hopefully, it will not and she’ll be able to go back into a fulltime training regimen. Let’s hope! Clearly this one will require a watchful eye.

There was NO heat in Holy Blitzer’s knee when Linda checked it at Christmas time (YAY!). So, she will continue her training regimen with Katy’s Office Girl. I’d like to see them race ready by late spring/early summer. Linda like to take her time with the youngun’s. So, I guess we’ll be lucky to see them race at Saratoga in August.

The Midaseyes’ colt just gets to run around and grow strong until next fall.

Hopefully not much more to say until ConSeated Lady’s first workout. Lots of new photos will soon be added to the “Horsebiz” area of the website.

Happy New Year!

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