It was her closest race

It was her closest race
September 22, 2010
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September 29, 2010
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It was her closest race

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Arielle’s Song (can you believe I’m still writing about her… I’m sure surprised) was the second favorite. The favorite was dropping down in class from $25,000 claiming to $7,500. Song tried hard and was catching up to the winner at the finish line but was still ¾ length behind. Made you think about running her at a longer distance. Made you forget she was running in such cheap company. Anyway, we’ll be discussing the next move tomorrow after Blitzer’s race.

Holy Blitzer goes a mile on the grass tomorrow at Belmont. She’s 8-1 on the morning line. Sure hope she looks better than last time we saw her in the barn. Go Blitzer!

I find peoples’ reaction to my writings about our relationship with Linda interesting. There are some who are just staunch defenders of her. They basically say, “how can you think that you know more than this successful trainer?” Then, there are those who are just uncomfortable with my expressions of frustration or dissatisfaction. I’m sorry if it makes anyone feel uncomfortable but expressing my feelings – both positively and negatively – is what this is all about.

Many are surprised that I haven’t left for another trainer. I’m sorry it’s not clear that I think the world of Linda as a racehorse trainer. I believe she will get into the Hall of Fame in the not too distant future. Nonetheless, I have tried to portray the natural tensions that exist between a trainer and owner. Their agendas are not always the same. Their perceptions of risk and reward can be very different as well. Let me give you an example.

As you may remember, our friend Patsy left Linda for another trainer. Last weekend her horse, Gitchee Goomie, was entered by her new trainer in a $250,000 Grade 1 Stakes race. Based on Gitchie Goomie’s record, it would be nigh unto impossible to imagine Linda entering her in such a race. Yet, Gitchie Goomie finished third. She is now a Grade 1 Stakes placed filly. This adds to her value and certainly adds to her owner’s enjoyment.

So, it’s those sorts of views of the current status of various horses that result in some frustration. It is the view that a given horse can only do one thing (sprint, grass, etc) that can be frustrating for an owner, even if Linda is right. BTW, she is right most of the time.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing Holy Blitzer and Linda tomorrow. Already said Go for Blitzer, so let’s say, “GO LINDA!”

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