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January 20, 2009
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Itching for Action

Posted by Avram Freedberg

It’s been really cold but today it’s mostly the snow and freezing rain. Yuk, what a down winter… the thermometer, the precipitation (Jose has barely seen grass), the stock market, the economy… and no horsies to watch; at least none of ours!

Linda Rice has been somewhat out of commission with sinus and ear problems and all the horsies are in Florida with only Conseated Lady in serious training. She breezed a half-mile today in 50 seconds. I’d been discouraged by her seemingly average times but Linda told me that they don’t want her to go too fast just yet, since she’s back from a fracture and healing vacation. The goal is to strengthen her, build her stamina, then improve her speed. This means it will be march before she may be ready to return to New York racing.

Arielle’s Song is doing some mild training and will have another Ultrasound of her tendon at the end of next week. If it checks out, she’ll be sent to the Palm Meadows training center and join Conseated Lady in serious training.

Linda wants Ahvee’s Destiny to have 8 – 10 weeks of rest, so she won’t be ready for racing until April. Linda says there will be an appropriate race for her at Keeneland in Kentucky at that time. However, I have no further information.

Since Linda likes to especially take her time with two year olds, I have not even inquired about them but will do so next week. I’m trying to remain calm but I miss the horsies and seeing ‘em run. It would be a nice diversion to this 2008-9 “winter of our discontent.” I have to be satisfied with re-living old glories by watching many of Ahvee’s Destiny’s victories on the DVR or DVD. Feel like I’m turning into an old and faded Hollywood Star who has to watch his/her old movies to feel the excitement again. OY!

Until next week, if there is an update, I am

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