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March 3, 2009
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March 17, 2009
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New racing silks …

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Here are our new racing silks which when worn by the
“jockey” in the photo scare the heck out of any horse! Nonetheless, the
photorealistic image of Cricket is pretty nice, don’t you think?

Ahvee’s Destiny is back in training and should have her first breeze in
the next week. Arielle’s Song has been acting rank (fractious) on the
track. Since she was due for an ultrasound follow up, we did so to make
sure she was not acting that way because her leg was bothering her.
Initial reading seemed fine. We’re sending to our regular vet for
evaluation. If she concurs, Arielle’s Song will breeze again and we’ll
see what can be done to modify her behavior. Unlike August, when she
refused to breeze, now she want wants to run full speed and is difficult
to hold back. Linda says, “she’s a real cow!”

Linda will be going to Ocala some time this month and will give us a
first-hand evaluation of the 2-yr. olds. When she returns.

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