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May 24, 2012
May 31, 2012
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Not 10-1, 58-1

Eric was wrong. Numismatic wasn’t strong enough for his competition. The bettors thought so little of him, they made him the longest shot in the race at 58-1… and they were mostly right, since he finished 6th… but very close to the third place finisher.

On the other hand, It’s Truly Ahvee had so many horses scratch in his race because they took it off the turf, that his morning line of 8-1 turned into 2-1… and he ran like it too, going wire to wire and winning by over 6 lengths! How happy we were. Rhoda’s baby came home a winner. Pat called from Florida to thank us for giving the horse he picked for us the opportunity to recover from serious physical problems and find his way into the Winner’s Circle. That was very nice of him. And, nice of Don to come give us his support. So glad he got a Winner’s Circle photo and a winning ticket!

The race was sponsored by a family who lost their daughter/sister as a result of an automobile accident 20 years ago in which she was a pedestrian. Apparently, she was always at the track taking photographs. So, the track named a race for her a few days after her passing. The family has kept the tradition up since. It’s sad but it’s also a good story of how a family binds together.

This “Ahvee” reminded me of Ahvee’s Destiny’s first victory. When he came around the stretch turn in front, I was afraid he’d fold in the stretch. Instead, he increased his victory margin without much coaxing. Now, if he can run as well as Ahvee’s Destiny, he might turn into something. Unlikely, but we can dream. Yay, It’s Truly Ahvee!

For those who remember Arielle’s Song, she came in last in a six horse filed at Presque Isle today. I hope she is enjoying racing more than we had her.

Best to all for a fine holiday weekend (I know this Win made our weekend!),


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