Painful Whirlwind Trip

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April 25, 2018
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Painful Whirlwind Trip


Virginia, Boca, Ocala, Saratoga

The original motivation was a late April calendar entry for my mom’s first cousin’s 90th birthday party. When that party was canceled, we decided to visit her instead. What else could we do on the trip? Well, perhaps, it was too much.. but let me explain.

We left for Virginia on Sunday, April 13th. We wanted to visit our favorite horse and see three others. So, first, we went to Sunny Dell Farm in Barboursville, where Spencer and Meesha are taking care of Ahvee’s Destiny’s latest foal, Love Code. Because Ahvee was not bred last year, she and her foal stayed at Stonegate Stables in Ft. Edward, NY. We spent much more time with Love Code than with any of Ahvee’s other three foals. Plus, he was the most friendly and the most snuggly. Now, he’s a yearling and staying in Virginia to qualify for a special program offered by the Virginia Thoroughbred Breeders. So, we went to visit.

He’s a ladies man… with Rhoda and Meesha.

Spencer also hasĀ My Aunt Mims. Notice her summer coat is starting to show through her winter coat, which she is losing.

The cold had been coming on all day. Rhoda had it the week before and now, I had it. However, it didn’t stop us from visiting the University of Virginia campus or going out to dinner.By the time we came back to our room from dinner, I was coughing uncontrollably. My guts were splitting and my torso was very painful. We didn’t sleep a lot that night.

The next morning we went to see Raging Cat and Bossanova Boy at Braeburn Farm in Crozet, VA. Both are having some physical problems. One has a bad knee and the other has a balance issue.

Above is Raging Cat. Bossanova Boy is below.

We were on our way to Richmond, so we could find a plane that went to Florida. On the way, we stopped at Monticello. When we got to Richmond, we drove down the famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) Monument Avenue, which runs through a beautiful residential section of Richmond.

Then, we went to a restaurant recommended by Steve Haskin called Edo’s Squid near Virginia Commonwealth University. We parked on the street where they had Muni-meters. You pay and the machine spits out a receipt showing the time you bought to park. We couldn’t find the right slot for the credit card. So, we put the card in the cash slot. You guessed it. The machine ate the card right up!

Believe it or not, within 20 minutes, someone came and retrieved the card for us. They made us feel a little less like idiots, when they said it happened 5 or 6 times each day.

Anyway, we went across the street to Edo’s. It seemed like a “dive.” Nonetheless, we knew that Steve focused on the food. The eggplant parm had the best and freshest sauce we ever tasted. Don’t judge a book by its cover. It was outstanding food!

Next stop, Boca Raton. We stayed with the Friedmans. They were not just hosts, they couldn’t do enough for us. Thanks guys. You’re the best!

Lunch the next day at Ben’s Deli with Portia, my mom’s about to be 90 year old cousin and her son Lorin… delightful!

Dinner that night with the Molstre’s after seeing their beautiful condo and having some appetizers. Then we met the Westons at the restaurant.

The next day we met my father’s sister, who’s in her 90s, at a kosher place in Aventura. We love seeing her. Both these “older” women have the energy, spirit and charisma of much younger women. It was great to see them.

Later, dinner with Barbara Gillis and the Bernsteins. I was in pain but it it was offset by the pleasure of seeing good friends and relatives.

Thursday was the four hour drive to Ocala. We checked in at Hampton Inn and went directly to Pat’s farm. where we say three of our 2-year olds.

Here we are with MoJoy above. Below is Tzipi with Rhoda and Pat’s son, Cody.
Here is our latest acquisition, Alphalfa.
We had dinner with Pat and Cody that night at Club Adena and Friday morning, after visiting the horses at 7am, we went to the airport to fly to Albany, rent a car and drive to Saratoga.We had nice dinners with Ray Bryan and the Martinez family. Ray sent his friend Marty, a renowned pain specialist to make a house call. He had me get Lidocaine patches and a support.

The next day we went to an event honoring the Polascek family at our synagogue in Saratoga and drove the rental back to Stamford.

Wow! That’s pretty whirlwind under any circumstances. My bruised ribs still hurt. I may have torn a muscle and clearly burst a blood vessel forming a large hematoma. Right now, I cough less frequently and am making slow progress towards healing.

BTW, Ransom Note was scratched today because he came up a little lame. The Kentucky Derby is a week from tomorrow. And, we’ll have more races soon. Lots of excitement. Have a great weekend!

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