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August 20, 2010
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Reflected Glory

Posted by Avram Freedberg

After Ahvee’s Destiny’s awful loss last Wednesday, we had Little Ahvee (It’s Truly Ahvee) post a come from behind third place finish and Millie Money (the Obviously NY Stable horse that runs in our colors) finish a nice but distant second on Friday (Ramon Dominguez said the winner was in a different Zip code!).

Later on Friday, Patsy Symons’ Meriwether Jessica was running in the $100K Yaddo Stakes (named after the famous artists retreat and with some funds go to support same). You may remember MJ as one of the snuggliest horses around. We’ve spent time with her over the years (she is 5 yrs. old). Since Patsy left Linda for Ric Violette, MJ had won two straight, first at 7 furlongs and then a mile. Friday it was going to be at 1 1/8 miles, the longest distance she’d ever competed at. Plus, there were strong contenders who had run and won at this distance before. Hence, MJ was listed at 7 – 1 on the tote board.

Alan Garcia took her near the top, settled back to fourth and coming around the stretch turn, he asked and she responded, passing all the horses in front her. However, You Go West Girl was coming fast on the outside. Down the stretch they came with You Go West Girl gaining throughout the stretch run… gaining but not quite getting there before the finish line. MJ held on and won her third straight. Wow. Jubilation! We all rushed to the Winner’s Circle.

Well, we love Patsy and MJ. So, it was a pleasure joining them in the Winner’s Circle. Nonetheless, it was reflected glory… not the kind we were hoping for at the top of the stretch on Wednesday, when Ahvee’s Destiny was in perfect position to score and faded instead. Still it was nice to see good things happen to good people who happen to be good friends… and the champagne and treats served up in the Stakes Winners’ room by the NYRA weren’t bad either! On top of that, Patsy took a group out to a dinner celebration. It was the next best thing to celebrating our own victory.

The next day Linda had three winners. We made it to the Winner’s Circle for two of them who were owned by Clyde Rice, Linda’s dad. We thought maybe it would be helpful if we ran OUR horses in Clyde’s name! Linda came out with us that night and we celebrated again. Not a bad two nights. Maybe next time, it will be our celebration.

Now we’re home trying to figure out when and if we can steal a little more Saratoga time. We’ll let you know.

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