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October 30, 2008
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October 31, 2008
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Rexy’s Gone

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Boo-hoo! As much as I know it was part of the plan, Rexy was claimed today before she ran 4th as a result of a terrible trip. She was slow out of the gate, the horse on her inside came out and forced even wider than her #10 post position. Then, after she recovered and started making her move around the stretch turn, another horse cut her off and bumped her to the outside. It seemed more like the demolition derby than a horse race. After all that, she still finished 4th.

They didn’t announce the claim on the broadcast but Linda was told by phone that she was claimed. It still hurts a little but, as I said, we knew it was the business plan.

Tomorrow night is Ahvee’s Destiny’s Stakes race at the Meadowlands. Since it’s Halloween, they call it the Witches Brew. Last year they had an additional special race for Halloween called the Galloping Ghost. In order to enter, the horse had to be a Gray or Roan thoroughbred. No other color allowed… so all the gray ghosts raced against each other. However, I can’t find it on the card this year. I was looking forward to entering our two baby grays when they grow up.

Well, that’s it. Gotta take those mixed feeling and turn them all into positive feelings for Ahvee’s Destiny. I love that horse!

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