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November 18, 2011
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November 29, 2011
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Saratoga & Aqueduct

We had a lovely time in Saratoga. We visited newly retired Ahvee’s Destiny. She’s only 10 minutes away from the Saratoga house. She looked a little like a top athlete who had let herself go because she’s growing her winter coat, she’s only getting hand-walked each day because of her knee fracture and she’s eating a lot. So, she looks a little fat, and hairy. Her ankles swelled a bit but she’s in good shape and is well taken care of by Ellen Bongard and Cindy Norton. She will go to the “round-pen” soon, where she can walk in a confined area. Then, she’ll go to a corral with at least one new friend. In the meantime, we take the next step in trying to find a mate for her by consulting this week with Alan Porter a noted pedigree consultant.

We had a lovely time Saturday night with good friends who comprise our Saratoga team and we were lucky enough to finish our work ear;y and get down to Aqueduct in time for Hear the Footsteps’s race. Our friend, Don, came to represent us and we surprised him by showing up. Footsie looked good in the paddock and went off at 10-1. He looked strong for 3/4 mile but suddenly seemed to want to stop. So, Johnny Velasquez eased up on him. Johnny thought he was bleeding and that diagnosis turned out to be correct. So, Hear the Footsteps will go to Florida in a few days or so and vacation for 90 days before getting back in training for a return to Belmont’s grass in the Spring.

Holy Blitzer is with Bill Bartlett at Finger Lakes. She ran her second poor race on the dirt. So, my guess is that Bartlett will return her at the end of the Finger Lakes meet on Dec. 3rd. We’ll have to decide what to with her in short order.

We’ll get an update on Awakino Cat from Dr. Belgrave and from Pat Hoppel on Cricky’sGoldeneyes and It’s Truly Ahvee this week. Plus, we’ll soon have a decision on the mate for Ahvee’s Destiny. So, more news to come.

As Rhoda says, the knowledge that Ahvee’s Destiny is no longer racing leaves us a little empty. I think we’ll feel better if she gets into foal by a good stallion and has a healthy little Ahvee.




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