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August 3, 2012
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August 23, 2012
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Saratoga winners

We are winners at Saratoga just by being here. I took photos at 5:45AM of the mist on the Oklahoma training track with the sun coming up and the horses coming out of the mist. I’d love to share them with you but IT issues keep getting in the way… I guess you’ll just have to come up here and see it for yourself!

Today was a satisfying day. Business has been very stressful and the excitement of your horse vying for the lead from the outset, being headed a few different times, yet continuing to compete, coming down the stretch and prevailing goes a long way to, at least temporarily, relieving that stress and filling you with excitement. So, thanks to Jess Not Jesse, named for Rob’s son, we all shared in the excitement of a Winner’s Circle photo… the Balitsos clan, Patsy, Pat Hoppel, lawyers Jonathan and Judy and I’m sure there will be many others to send photos to when I actually get to see the Winner’s Circle photo. And then there were those who were reticent to horn in on the photo experience, including our good friends, Michael Dickinson, the Pressmans, Tiffany and Jonathan and their baby, Zion. Ellen Bongard, the Goichmans, whose horse had come in second in the prior race. All in all, very thrilling… and this for a $20,000 claiming race!

The day before we visited with Ahvee’s Destiny. She’s in a corral with three other mares (one of whom likes to threaten to kick her when we feed her carrots and the interloper wants the carrots and us to herself!). They all wear fly nets on their heads this time of year because the flies like to eat there eyes and ears. It is very disturbing to the horses but at least the netting helps. In any case, Ahvee recognizes us, gives us kisses and, as long as we reward her behavior with more goodies to snack on, she’s a happy horse. She’s getting rounder but there are still six months to go before she foals.

I guess it takes actually being here to understand the magic of going out the back doors and stepping into another world in the morning… a world of horses and riders and trainers and clockers and grooms and onlookers. It’s both strange and beautiful, filled with excitement and calm. You must experience it for yourself. I think you’ll find it a very special experience.

Tomorrow, my first golfing in a very long time. Tomorrow night, we’re going to a dinner featuring NY Yankee great, Mariano Rivera, which benefits his Foundation. Then, Hanan and our girls show up and so do my dear colleagues. Looking forward to a nice weekend. I wish you the same.

Awakino Cat is still scheduled to run August 16th. Numismatic is recovering from an abcess and will, hopefully, run soon.

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