Thanks for your good wishes

Holy Blitzer
July 4, 2010
Ahvee’s Destiny will NOT race tonight
July 8, 2010
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Thanks for your good wishes

Posted by Avram Freedberg

A week ago I was feeling more like a young man. Last Friday night, I came down with a blitzkrieg cold. On top of my having problems with the thin air up here, I could not sleep a wink. Frankly, I was scared… couldn’t breathe, couldn’t sleep, heart beating heavily in my chest.

So, of course, I just kept doing things, got in touch with my wonderful doctor who is always available and phoned in prescriptions, took my daughter’s recommendation and got a neti pot, and took up Hillary Zitter’s offer to use oxygen. Saturday night I slept a little, Sunday night best night of sleep yet. Between Friday night and tonight, I went ballooning, did a lot of walking, went to an amusement park and actually rode a small coaster, visited Betty Ford Gardens and Nature Center, etc., etc. I’m tired, still feel sick BUT FEEL ALIVE!

I couldn’t argue with Linda Rice about scratching Holy Blitzer for a softer race. When you scratch a grass horse for another race, you never know if the weather will see that next race taken off the grass. She certainly would have been competitive. As it turned out, her stablemate, In Te Domine, won the race easily.

That begs the question, “was she scratched in favor of the other horse?” At this point, it is moot. Linda will look for another race and we’ll see how she does.

In the meantime, Ahvee’s Destiny is going back to Presque Isle Thursday night for a $48,000 allowance race against the boys. I’ll get to see the past performances of the entrants tomorrow. However, it is likely she will be in good shape versus the field. Then she will run at Saratoga on August 1st in a Stakes race she won last year, The Finney Stakes.

She had a bullet workout today, breezing handily 4 furlongs in 48.80. She’s ready. Go Ahvee!

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