The importance of Ahvee’s Destiny’s first win of 2009

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April 24, 2009
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The importance of Ahvee’s Destiny’s first win of 2009

Posted by Avram Freedberg

It was only an allowance race, but I should have realized how important the race really was. If she couldn’t beat this bunch, she might not be able to race competitively this year.

You see, the allowance race was probably the lowest classification she can run in without putting a claiming tag on her back. Even at a high claiming price, we would not want to lose her. She’s my firstborn and I want her to make grandkids for us. In the meantime, we hope to race her in higher quality races with higher purses. When she’s no longer competitive, we’ll breed her.

The news this week is the big move from Florida to Saratoga Springs. Only our yearling and maybe Conseated Lady will remain in Florida. So, we will have four in Saratoga until Conseated Lady is fully recovered and can join them. Of course, Linda may switch some Saratoga horses with Belmont horses. We’ll see after it all shakes out.

You may remember that I have described Arielle’s Song as “fractious.” Apparently, she needs more “gate schooling” because she doesn’t stand still in the starting gate stall. When (if) they get her under control, she’ll try her first race. Probably at Belmont.

Speaking of Arielle, my daughter, she will be the opening act for Jonathan (my son) and his band, Hints, on Thursday night, July 2nd. I believe it will be around 8PM at Sullivan Hall on Sullivan Street between Bleecker and West 3rd. More info to come but SAVE THE DATE!

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