The longest shot in the race

July 28, 2011
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August 12, 2011
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The longest shot in the race

Ahvee’s Destiny opening odds were as forecast in the Morning Line: 6-1. As it got closer and closer to post time, her odds drifted higher and higher until she was the race’s big long shot at almost 13-1. I guess this reflected her erratic performance and the fact that she had not run a big race in over a year. Nonetheless, she was still our Queen.

My bet was down before we got to the track. But my kishkas were up… in a real turmoil. When you love an animal, you want them to do well and be recognized. Yes, it’s like your child. I knew she was capable of beating this field if she ran her best… but she hadn’t been showing her best lately. Happily, we knew she was in the capable hands of Johnny Velasquez, this year’s Kentucky Derby winning jockey and the leading rider at the current Saratoga meet.

She comes out of the 5 slot first. Her yellow blinkers poking ahead of the field. Quickly, Johnny let’s her settle back into third. Then, a horse to his inside seems to want to make a move to get in front of him and he letts Ahvee’s Destiny out a notch so the horse couldn’t pass her. She chases the leader, Outpost, around the far turn, the stretch turn and into the stretch. Here’s where she’s failed in several prior races. She can’t gain on the leader and seems to be falling back. Now, two others are coming from behind. Is it all over, I worry? But Johnny keeps getting into her, so the horses behind her are not gaining much. But there is still the leader, Outpost, to contend with. At first, it seems like she’s not going to get to the leader… but suddenly, she is on top of the leader. Not only that, she is gaining… she gets her head in front. Before you know it, she is a length in front with the wire in front of her. A winner! She breaks our “ofer” losing streak and Linda’s as well. Leave it to Ahvee’s Destiny! My betting account was down to $119. She replenished it handsomely, paying $27.60 to Win, $12.60 to Place and $6.80 to Show.

She won the day after we came up to Saratoga in 2008 and again in 2009. Now, we had to wait 3 days, but she’s done it again. Love that horse. We’re still flying from the Champagne celebration and watching her win on the TV screen in the Saratoga Room over and over again.




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