The smell of race horses is in the air.

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February 18, 2010
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The smell of race horses is in the air.

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Our lease for the whole Saratoga season is official! We will be at 128 Fifth Avenue with 4 bedrooms, a pool and a view of the Oklahoma training track. In the end, we opted for more space, renovated digs and the training track in our backyard, rather than the ability to walk to the stables, back stretch and race track. It’s still less than ¾ of a mile to the main track, making for healthy exercise when weather permits.

Ahvee’s Destiny arrived at Palm Meadows training facility last week. She will continue to train without shoes for a while longer. Then, we may try glued horseshoes, rather than nailed ones. This would be easier on her hooves, as long as the glue holds well. Linda is trying it on another horse first to see the results.

Conseated Lady will run at Aqueduct on Wednesday and Arielle’s Song will run at Gulfstream in Florida on Thursday. Unfortunately, previous commitments will not allow me to be in either spot. However, I’ll try to be watching. Hope some of you can make it. Should you want to go, please call me ASAP and I will arrange for you to be treated royally (would you believe “treated well?”).

Yes, it’s the time of year when the horsies start training, running and, hopefully, winning. We’ve got two stalled at Belmont who have yet to do anything positive in a race and one who was just gelded. Down South, we have three at the training center and two at Pat Hoppel’s farm (one being prepared for a possible sale in May and one we hope will be a good runner). I’ll have to call Pat to find out how those two are doing.

Can’t you feel the excitement that the not too distant smell of Spring brings? The tremors of Kentucky Derby prep races produce new speculation that every winner will be the next Derby champ. I even joined a fantasy thoroughbred group at I can hear the hoof beats… see the cloud of dust caused by these magnificent steeds coming into the homestretch… feel the adrenaline begin pumping as they near the finish line. Just the thought makes me smile. I can’t wait to touch my horsies, feed them carrots and marvel at their beauty. Please join me in 2010.

Don’t forget… the showdown between Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra is scheduled for April 9th. I had the audacity to ask Linda if Ahvee’s Destiny could enter that race. I’m such a dreamer!


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