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August 25, 2009
Our last night in Saratoga for this year
August 30, 2009
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The Walking Wounded

Arielle’s Song and Katy’s Office Girl left Saratoga today for Belmont. Then, they will proceed to Florida. Katy will be turned out for 60 days and re-evaluated. Training is putting too much stress on her knees, so we have to let her body growth catch up.

Arielle’s Song has a splint problem that is not resolving quickly. The pain needs to quiet down. Then they will either inject the area or freeze fire it, Figure 6 weeks, though she doesn’t do things timely. Since she is a Florida bred and Katy likes the grass better than dirt, they will both probably be pointing to racing in Florida.

Holy Blitzer remains on vacation in Florida where she will hopefully show signs of a full recovery soon but who really knows.

Hear the Footsteps will resume training at Belmont next month and we’ll have to closely observe any negative effect. Otherwise, we hope he will be able to race this year, somewhere.

Conseated Lady remains in training until she shows more lameness. If that happens, we will get a nuclear scan done to try and diagnose the cause of her soreness problem, which is not easily determined as yet.

Ahvee’s Destiny Sunday Stakes race is not happening on Sunday. Maybe Monday. Maybe Wednesday. If Monday, we’ll stay here and skip Jim’s golf tournament. If Wednesday, we’ll return over the weekend, play golf and see what to do for Wednesday.

Sometimes everything is easy. Sometimes, ain’t nothin’ easy.

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