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January 23, 2011
February 25, 2011
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Third place

Posted by Avram Freedberg

The race played out just the way it played out on paper. She was running against the boys and two fo them, Stradivinsky and Great Attack looked stronger. The grass condition was good but that still means it’s a little off and she likes a firm track. So, when the horses broke and she fell back right away to 4th, it seemed like a replay of many of her other races on a “good” track. She passed the tiring leader in the stretch and finished 2 1/2 lengths behind the winner, Stradivinsky. The horses finidhed exactly the way the odds placed them. We were the 9-2 third choice and we finidhed third.

Linda was satisfied with the performance. We’ll enter her in another race in February. Hopefully, we’ll get a firm track and be able to guage her performance better, so we can make a decision on racing or breeding.

I guess it’s time to check on the schedule for the rest of the brood to return to racing. More to come.


PS If you haven’t been to Broadway and haven’t seen Colin Quinn’s Long Story Short, The Merchant of Venice with Pacino or the Addam’s Family with Nathan Lane, now’s the time!
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