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September 6, 2010
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September 12, 2010
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Posted by Avram Freedberg

Just when you think a horse is retired, they enter Arielle’’s Song in a higher class race than the last one she was in… and she finishes 2nd! The best finish of her career.

She was in the gate for a long time because she was the #1 post position and one of the others broke through the gate. Yet, she seemed to break well but quickly started on what has become a ritual. She went backwards and made it all the way to last. Coming into the stretch turn, she moved up a bit and the jockey, Harry Vega, looked backwards like he was Johnny Velasquez riding Quality Road. When he saw he was clear to the back, I assumed he was going to try and let her fall back, but while the leader was running away from the pack, Arielle’s Song started coming on. When Harry saw she was going, he seemed to become a believer and worked her hard. Before you know it she was in the lead of the horses in her zip code (the leader was in a different zip code and time zone). She was on the inside and beat the third place finisher by a long neck.

I must say that when she ran what I thought was going to be her last race, I was very sad. I thought it was the last time I would ever see her. She was named after my daughter and I’d developed a relationship with her over the years; seeing her through her pneumonia, watching her frolic on the farm in Ocala, FL, feeding her carrots and, finally, seeing her so nervous and scared before her last race in Saratoga. I sure hope she enjoyed finishing ahead of those other horses tonight. I sure enjoyed watching her. Who knows maybe she’ll get to run again. She’s earned a try. I just hope she feels well and not traumatized. I’ll let you know what reports I get. Yay for Arielle’s Song!

Hear the Footsteps is scheduled to run 6 furlongs on the turf at Belmont in the 8th race on Saturday. The race appears to be very competitive but I’ve really grown to like this horse. He was our only winner at Saratoga this summer and he did it with the whole family present, so we could be together in the Winner’s Circle. Plus, he’s so cute at eating carrots and especially horse cookies. Rather than take a big bite, he nibbles… and when you keep the cookie on the palm of your hand, he’ll lick your hand because he really like the taste of the cookie. When we saw him last Sunday, he really looked good. So, I’m hoping for the best in Saturday’s race. Go Footsie!

Blood work was done on Ahvee’s Destiny but we won’t know anything for a day or two. We’re anxious. We’d like nothing better than for the Queen to recuperate from whatever is bothering her and return to her former glory. No matter what, we’ll always love that horse.

Who knew the Jewish New Year would have such a fun start (Yes, I’m actually excited by a second place finish, but don’t get used to it!).

Health, happiness and success to all!

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