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March 11, 2011
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March 28, 2011
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Very fast race

Posted by Avram Freedberg
Both our contenders were off to good starts. Joe Bravo got Ahvee’s Destiny off in 3rd place but let her fall back. She doesn’t like to be surrounded by horses in front of her and outside of her. Near the end you could actually see her bear in from fear of another horse coming towards her from the outside.

Alex Solis rode aggressively on Awakino Cat and took him very wide coming into the stretch. Solis said he was having breathing problems, so he seems not to be in top shape yet. This was his first race since last summer.

It was the first time we had two horses in one race, though as it turned out they weren’t actually “in” the race with Ahvee finishing 6th and Awakino finishing last. Well they both looked marvelous… simply marvelous in their silks and her blinkers. Sometimes looking good is most important… just not usually on the racetrack!

Shabbat shalom. Have a nice weekend.

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