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August 25, 2011
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September 5, 2011
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We’re back!

Ahvee’s Destiny’s Monday race was not used due to the hurricane making the turf course unfit for use. The Racing Secretary, P. J. Campo, said he would use it for Friday but did not. Since our son, Jonathan, was coming home to read the Torah on the anniversary of his Bar-Mitzvah and we were leaving for a wedding in Seattle on Sunday, we had to be home by Friday night. So, with no one running before Saturday, we came home yesterday. Roads were still problematic with I-87 closed between Newburgh and Suffern, but five hours later, we made it to Stamford. Luckily, we had power and no significant damage.

It was a very busy month between the horses, the house, the prayer services and spending time with guests and friends in Saratoga. The time flew by and I felt sad that I didn’t have more time with the horses. Ahvee’s Destiny is our first and the Queen of the Stable. She’s learned to expect food whenever we’re around and can be quite demanding. So is Awakino Cat. He’ll eat anything‚Ķ and does! Katy’s Office Girl and Hear the Footsteps are more selective. They both like Mother Pasture’s Horse Cookies the best but will settle for a carrot. Footsie used to only nibble but he has learned how to take the whole cookie into his mouth and chews it up without any of it dropping from his mouth. He’s become very loving and gives me a kiss with no food necessary as an inducement. Katy was very calm with Jose, even when he started barking at her. I wish there was more time to get them to socialize.

Racingwise, we hope Ahvee’s Destiny’s Stakes race will get scheduled by Monday. We also expect there to be a Stakes race for Awakino Cat on Labor Day. We know there will be a race on Saturday that Katy could compete in but because she had to scratch from her race last week due to a cough, she doesn’t have any priority in entering. Simply stated, if other horses want to get into that race, they will have priority and she may not get in.

If Ahvee’s Destiny and Awakino Cat do not get to race at Saratoga, they have been cross-entered in different races on September 5th at Parx Race Course in Philadelphia. The Philly races have larger purses but both horses favor the Saratoga Race Course, so we hope they get to run at Saratoga.

Holy Blitzer was to be sent to Presque Isle Downs in Erie, PA, instead of Finger Lakes. She seems to be treated as an afterthought, so I don’t know when this will actually take place.

With the Jewish New Year less than a month away, we wish you and yours good health and success in all you do.



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