Worry, worry, worry…

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May 12, 2009
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Worry, worry, worry…

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Morning line has Ahvee’s Destiny at 6-1. No question it’s a tough race. And, with the forecast for rain, it could be even tougher or she might even get scratched.

Of course, the next question is “to go, or not to go?” Travel time is about 8 hours between the train and getting to and from destination. What if it turns out she doesn’t run? Or an “off-track” (which she has not liked in the past) results in a poor performance?

Since we can never tell what the weather will turn out to be, we are going. Since we’re going to spend even more time together on a plane to Israel on the 25th, this will be a good test of whether Rhoda can put up with me for that long. Of course, she can always escape to the bar car on Amtrak.

We had fun on our adventure to Florida last month but we know that not every trip can result in a victory. Nonetheless, we can dream. We need to be licensed in every state we race, so my collection will grow by one. Then we’ll visit Ahvee in the holding barn and go to lunch. I’m told lunch is free, since we’re in a Stakes race but I doubt I’ll be able to actually consume any food until after the race is over. The adrenaline rush suppresses the appetite (at least mine). If I had a horse racing every day, I’d be thin (but somehow I think I’d find a way to get over it!).

This morning we saw Arielle’s Song breeze at Belmont. We last saw her in Ocala in December when she was running around the corral with her friend Mohegan Sky (who ran third in Ahvee’s Destiny’s victory at Gulfstream last month). She has filled out, which is saying something for a filly who is 17 hands high. She even seemed pretty calm in her stall. She let me stroke her and she nuzzled Rhoda. She could only see Jose from afar because they were worried that the puppy might spook one of the horsies. Anyway, they worked her 5 furlongs. Linda was upset with the workout because the rider let her go to fast for the 2nd and 3rd furlong. She didn’t want to push her too hard yet. All I can say is AZ (AS would be more proper but open to more humor and it sounds like AZ. Besides, this way people can put the AS [or ass] monicker on me) looked good to me. After she finished, she almost pranced down the track looking very regal.

Katy’s Office Girl had her first breeze in Saratoga. It was so short, it was not even considered by the clockers to be an actual breeze. Linda said she was told that Katy did well running with a partner.

Tomorrow will be interesting. I look forward to it with much trepidation but with an inner pride in all her accomplishments to date. We know we have been very lucky to have our first horse do so well. GO AHVEE’S DESTINY!

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