Wow, a Harness Racing Victory!

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October 25, 2013
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November 20, 2013
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Wow, a Harness Racing Victory!


It’s been a long time since our last victory at Saratoga Harness but Timberwolf broke the slump this week with a 1 3/4 length victory when coming from the second tier from the #9 post. Plus, when the horse right in front of him broke stride early in the race, Jordan Derue had to swerve to avoid a crash, then get back in the race and come on in the stretch to win. It was pretty to watch, but Eric couldn’t get from the paddock to the Winner’s Circle because the golf cart to transport him didn’t work!

We now have 3 harness horses who all run for cheaper purses but, at least, seem to be competitive. There’s the aforementioned Timberwolf, Naugatuck and Red Star Tomahawk, who we just claimed last weekend. The last two will both be running Saturday night.

Last Sunday Pat Hoppel got Linda so excited about a weanling filly he saw at the Keeneland Sale in Lexington, KY, she called us so aggressively, we just had to bid. So while Rhoda was at a party, I was able to watch the auction live on-line… and we got her, but that’s it (Sure, sure, you’re saying… and I understand your disbelief). No more thoroughbreds, no matter how cute nor how impressive they are!

That magnificent physical specimen, It’s Truly Ahvee was shipped to New Vocations to be trained for a less stressful career. We will miss him.

Footsie and Jess are down on Pat’s farm in Florida. They are friends, See the photo above.

The four weanlings are (or will be) at Pat’s farm.

The horses we claimed are with Linda at Belmont: Arch Traveler has yet to run his first race for us. Executive Office is in the same boat. Brother Bob got injured in Saratoga and has not run since. Hidden Music won her last race but is a grass runner, so time is running out on being able to run her in NY this year.

Ahvee’s Destiny is still doing well. Hopefully, all will continue to go well and she’ll have a new foal for us in February!

Have a lovely weekend!



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