2nd Place Ain’t So Bad

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March 8, 2013
Numismatic has a heart valve problem
March 16, 2013
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2nd Place Ain’t So Bad


Cameron Lucky was the favorite on Sunday. She was closing on the victor at the end but she used up too much energy early and didn’t have her big finish. At least we’re running her with the right crowd, so she can earn some money.


Numismatic disappointed again with a 6th place finish. He never ran with conviction. Eric says there is one more lower class. So, he’ll get one last chance… but you’ve heard that before. This will teach me never to fall in love with a horse’s name.


But yes, I am in love with a horse and you may think it’s about the name but it’s about her record. When we went to the farm to see Ahvee’s Destiny, she came right over and let me snuggle her for a brief moment… then she wanted the carrots. I already have one lover who feels the same way about her Karats! Anyway, Ahvee’s Destiny may go to the breeding shed this week with her new lover, Girolamo. We won’t get excited this time but we will be interested in every advancing step to the goal of a beautiful foal next year. Let’s hope.


It’s Truly Ahvee will try the mile distance at Aqueduct on Friday in the 8th race under Cornelio Velasquez. Lots of good competition, including Abigail Adsit’s Giant Indian.


Have a lovely week!






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