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February 28, 2013
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March 12, 2013
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Bad Week

Three deaths in a week including one who was just over 50 and a good friend just over 60 does not a good week make. It shakes you up and reminds you how truly random our lives are. That’s a scary proposition. We all want to feel some type of control. Actual control is very fleeting, especially compared with some of our horses!

Cameron Lucky ran dead last on Sunday. So, we’re putting her in a $30K claiming race this Sunday hoping that the lower class might get us a purse. It’s the 9th race after 4PM at Saratoga. She’ll be in the number 2 position, so she can save some ground, though she always goes to the back anyway. Numismatic follows in race 13. It’s a $5K claiming race. If he can’t do well here, he won’t be able to race at Saratoga. I believe this is virtually the lowest class.¬†At least, they give us a reason to head up the Northway to Saratoga Springs for a couple of days.

It’s Truly Ahvee is scheduled to race on Friday at Aqueduct, assuming they use the race. Stay tuned.

How fragile are Thoroughbreds? Hear the Footsteps arrived from Florida with a fever and Inchcape got colicky after his trip from Miami. Happily they both are recovering nicely.

Have a lovely weekend!



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