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January 9, 2010
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January 19, 2010
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Care to help?

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Wish luck to Lois and Dave, friends who are having serious surgery this week. We look forward to seeing them well and strong very soon. Rob’s shoulder surgery went well (if you call being in a lot of pain “well.”) Barb is going to Boston to consult physicians there. Dom has his by-pass consultation on Friday. Jay had relapse of his serious blood disorder. Oy! There’s too much of this sort of thing going around.

We are lucky enough to be going to New Orleans for the first time to visit the 3-yr. old filly champion and our pick for horse of the year, Rachel Alexandra, on Friday. In the meantime, Linda says we should name the yearlings turned 2-yr olds now, even if we send them to the sales ring in April. Below you will find two lists of possible names. Please choose your favorite or suggest a new one. If we get an overwhelming response to a particular name, it will be the one for each horse.

We also need to choose a summer rental for Saratoga. The three choice are the 5-bedroom with pool place we’ve rented for the last two years for two weeks and if we have to come back if one of our horses is racing, they’ll let us stay over (If they have room) versus a smaller place (2-BR plus finished basement) which is done up for horse racing, including a little replica of the track in the front yard. This would be for the whole season (allowing us access whenever needed) and is a short walk to the track, the backstretch (where morning workouts are held) and to Linda’s stable. It’s actuall a smidge less than option number one. The last one is 3 bedrms. on the same street as the first choice but a half-mile further away. It is being renovated (though not the master bedrm and bath), has a pool and backs up to the Oklahoma training track, so we can see other horses training (our would only come here to breeze on the grass). This would be about 40% more expensive than the other options. What would you choose?

Here are the two horsie name lists:

#1: YES IT’S TRUE – Vision Quest
True Quest
Yes, It’s Ahvee
Stuck With You
True Ahvee
It’s True, Ahvee
Ahvee’s True Quest
One Hundred Grand
Truly Ahvee
My True Heaven
True Vision
Ahvee’s Truth
True Question
True You
True Friend
True Blue
See the Truth
True Request

#2 MIDASEYES – Uno Dos
Uno Midas
Dos(e) or Doze Midas Eyes
Dose Eyes
Gold Dos
Golden Dos
Midas King
Dos Midas King
Dos Blue Eyes
King Uno
Midas Size
Ahvee’s Midas Eyes

Tbhis has been a very interactive message! Look forward to hearing from you.


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