June 9, 2010

Our congratulations to the winner…

Posted by Avram FreedbergAHVEE’S DESTINY! The winner of the $100,000 Satin & Lace Stakes. The queen is back!! (credit to Tom Gregory for that phrase found […]
June 7, 2010

Ahvee’s Destiny to race tomorrow night in PA

Posted by Avram FreedbergWe’re taking a chance, but I’m excited. She’s going 5 ½ furlongs but NOT on the grass. She’ll travel to Presque Isle Downs […]
May 27, 2010

Races tomorrow, Saturday and now Sunday

Posted by Avram Freedberg If the rain is not too bad and the races stay on the grass, Katy’s Office Girl will compete in a mile […]
May 11, 2010

Why the long face?

Posted by Avram FreedbergAn old horse joke… Horse steps up to the bar. Bartender says, “why the long face?” (This is followed by the drummer’s “rimshot.”) […]