February 19, 2016

Jess the War Horse

JESS NOT JESSE HAS BECOME A SARATOGA WARHORSE! We retired Jess to Akindale in Pawling, NY where Melody Squier. Equine Director of Saratoga Warhorse saw him […]
January 22, 2016

Winner’s Circle

Photos! Here’s the composite from Flattery’s win on January 10: Here’s Hay Field’s throat before and after her operation for a growth: Here she is running […]
January 11, 2016


FlatteryWillGetYou puts us into the Winner’s Circle for the first time in two years! It seemed like a while… but not this long. It was Jess […]
January 1, 2016

Horse Country – Ocala

HORSING AROUND! Ramon Dominguez, the horse… Another Genius… Candy for Kisses… Lonhro’s filly (Aussie Ahvee?) at Pat’s farm and Pointe Class swimming at Barry’s farm. It […]