Horse Country – Ocala
January 1, 2016
Winner’s Circle
January 22, 2016
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FlatteryWillGetYou puts us into the Winner’s Circle for the first time in two years!

It seemed like a while… but not this long. It was Jess Not Jesse on August 29, 2013 that last got us a photograph. Hear the Footsteps won three in a row in June and July and Jesse won two out of three at Saratoga… almost seemed easy, but it’s not!

The next year we had no winner’s. Jesse got retired and Footsie got claimed away. Last year, we had no horses run until December 20th, when Flattery’s first start resulted in a third place finish. Nice follow up, Flattery!

Adam is sending us the Win photo, so for now, here she is in the paddock before the race, a photo of Linda with me & Jose Ortiz, our jockey, in our matching racing silks and a copy of the official race chart…

Hay Field, whose already been to the doctor once when she arrived at Belmont with a stress fracture, now has something growing in her throat and will have to go back to Dr. Hogan and have it removed. Good luck, Hay Field!

Hopefully, more good than bad in the next report too.

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