October 5, 2018

Ups and downs of Saratoga

When being in Saratoga wasn’t enough! It’s been quite a while since I’ve communicated with you. Nicodemus had finished 2nd in the Curlin Stakes and, initially, […]
August 17, 2018

Happiness and pain in horse racing

Life or Death Horse racing can be a matter of life or death… for the horses and for their riders. Our foundation horse, Ahvee’s Destiny, is […]
July 30, 2018

Saratoga update

Nicodemus VS. Hofburg Friday Nicky D., as we call him, was racing against a very strong horse, named Hofburg in a minor Stakes race. Hofburg needed […]
July 24, 2018

Steve Haskin, Nicodemus, Ahvee’s Destiny

Saratoga 2018, New horse, Sick horse We’ve just started the Saratoga racing season. Though so many kind readers of this blog tell me how much they […]