Here’s a name you haven’t heard about in a while…

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January 17, 2012
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February 26, 2012
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Here’s a name you haven’t heard about in a while…

It’s Truly Ahvee. This was the colt that no one wanted in on. The one I almost named, “Stuck With You.” Of course, that meant I wanted him to be a “big horse,” even more so than every other acquisition. However, my hopes were dashed when, after two third place finishes as a two-year old, he tore the same tendon in two places. Rhoda was crushed too, since the moment she saw him as a two-year old, she fell in love.

On Friday, he showed up at Linda’s Belmont stables as a four-year old. He had another in a series of Ultrasounds today. Happily, he was given a clean bill of health. We went to visit him yesterday. He looked magnificent. What a beautiful animal! We’ll be rooting for him as he goes back into training.

We also spent some time with Cricky’sGoldenEyes, a big gray who has never raced. He’s almost ready to race. Look for him at Aqueduct next month.

Awakino Cat should be at Palm Meadows Training Center in Boynton Beach, Florida, ready to get into training. We’d hoped he be a successful Stakes horse for us last year but it was not to be the case. Then he got sick, pretty seriously. Luckily, he’s recovered. Now we’ll see what shape he’s really in. I assume he’ll either start with a race down South or come up here for the turf season in April. Hope all goes well for this seven-year old gelding.

On the Harness side, Eric is hoping to race both of the new acquisitions this weekend in Buffalo. If the races fill, I’ll give you the info. Last weekend, two horses of his raced in Buffalo… one first and one second. Hope we do well too!

Rhoda is on her way to Saratoga tomorrow. We got our CO and lots of furniture is being delivered tomorrow. We’ll try to do a good job getting the place ready for your visits!

Less than two months left for Tupi, our first grandchild, to arrive… that’s what Arielle and Tamar have been calling him in public. The countdown continues!

As we talk about upcoming happiness arriving, I must take a moment to mention the passing of a 31 year old husband and father whose wife is pregnant with twins. It’s such a sad situation. I’ve been following the attempts to save this man from what it seems was the inevitable. His body was just falling apart. So, when you feel a little frustrated about something or get a little upset by what a family member did today, remember how lucky most of us have it. Exude your love and try and get it returned because there’s just no telling what tomorrow will bring. Enjoy those you have and what you have. I’m no philosopher… just a little shaken… and lucky.

All the best to you and yours,


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