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January 13, 2012
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January 30, 2012
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I had to do it!

Hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was very busy. Picked out the bedroom furniture for Saratoga, so you’ll (and we’ll) have some place to stay. It starting to feel exciting, just three months from horses starting to arrive in our back yard!

Yesterday was the Standardbred sale at the Meadowlands. Eric was calling the prices that the horses would be sold at, right on. For example, a horse he didn’t bother vetting a horse he would have bought for $100K because he sensed, there was no way he could get it for that price. It sold for $160K.

The first horse we bid on was Dragon Dance. We set a $20K limit. It sold for $21K. Had we known how the rest of the sale was going to go, we would have bid to $25K or so because all the horses were being sold at aggressive price levels. So, when we got to #204, we were all pretty frustrated. We’d set a limit of $25K for this horse but the bidding was so spirited, Eric thought we should raise our limit to $30K. Nonetheless, when it went through that level, I got stubborn. After all, how could a man with a coin business pass up a horse named Numismatic!? This 6-yr. old Trotter became ours for $34K. Similarly, we had to go a little past our limit for the other acquisition, a 4 yr. old Pacer named, Marvel ThisBliss, who was a little less expensive. I’ll send you their photos separately.

Cricky’sGoldenEyes had another breeze on Sunday. It was a bullet workout! So, he shows some speed. Now the question is, “how far can he take it?” Can’t wait to find out!

Today’s definitions – Trotting: the gait of horse where the diagonally opposite legs strike the ground at the same time. More diffilcult than Pacing. Pacing: the gait of a horse where the legs on one side strike the ground at the same time. Bullet Work: the fastest work of the day at a particular distance. In the Racing Form, it is indicated by a big black dot (bullet) next to the figure.

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