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December 18, 2011
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It’s been a while since we’ve spoken about horses. Let me take this belated opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Since last we wrote, Ahvee’s Destiny has found a mating partner and we have signed off on the contracts for her to mate with Freud, a prodigious New York Stallion with much success in being a sire. As of know, she is scheduled to meet her stud on or about March 1st. There is an 11 month gestation period, if she gets in foal on the first attempt. So, the earliest we can be grandparents to a four-legged baby is February 2013. Then, it’s another 2- 2 1/2+ years before that babe can make it to the racetrack. Right now, we’re just taking it one step at a time.

We visited Saratoga with Don and Barbara for New Year’s weekend and got to spend some time with Ahvee’s Destiny on three consecutive days. Even though she loved her carrots on day one, she couldn’t wait to get out of the stall and into the corral with her friend, Cizi. They were so cute on that visit because once they got into the corral, they moved in tandem, like synchronized dancers.

On the other days, it was “follow the leader,” who most often was Cizi, though Cizi did Follow Ahvee occasionally. It took 15 minutes to get them to come to us along the corral fence on day two but they did enjoy their carrots, Cizi trying to push Ahvee aside to get more than her share!

The weather was mild until day three, when a wicked wind made it seem much colder than the ambient temperature. Rhoda and I almost left, because it took the two mares almost half an hour to come over to us. Happily they did so and we go to take some nice photos of them. I’ll send a few in another e-mail.

Ahvee’s Destiny looked very fit, which was a nice change from the last time we saw her, shortly after she got to Rojan Farms. While they were both beautiful just standing around, they were breathtaking when they started to run together.

In the meantime, we got good news about Cricky’sGoldenEyes and Awakino Cat and promising news on It’s Truly Ahvee. Cricky went back into training and had progressively faster breezes. He is doing well, looks good and will soon be ready for a race. We visited him at Linda’s Belmont Stable. Unfotunately, we arrived as he was busy eating his lunch. He couldn’t be bothered with us or our carrots or cookies. He looks much lighter and less red than when we last saw him. Maybe next visit we’ll get more of his attention… I hope in the Winner’s Circle!

Linda saw Awakino over Christmas and said he looks good and she’s putting him under tack at Pat’s farm. Hopefully, in a few months, he’ll be ready to race once again!

It’s Truly Ahvee (aka Stuck with You) had an ultrasound of his leg which showed continued improvement in his twice torn tendon. Linda said his leg looked great and he looked great jogging. The Vet wants to exercise an abundance of caution and have him continue on the current regimen for another 30 days. After another Ultrasound, he will be reevaluated. We agree with the abundance of caution. We want him to have every chance to make it back to the racetrack and have a successful career.

We’re going to a standardbred horse sale on Monday at the Meadowlands with Don and Barbara. Eric Adsit, the father of Linda’s assistant trainer, Abby, is going to buy some harness horses for us. Saratoga has a harness track that functions for almost 10 months of the year. So, we will have further motivation to occupy the new digs which should get a Certificate of Occupancy in the next week or so. Mike Dickinson, our GC, has done a great job and we hope to host him in Stamford the weekend of January 27th. Rhoda promised to introduce him to Jewish Chicken Soup!

We will have the results of the sale next week and in the future, hopefully, we will have cause for more frequent updates.

Once again, all the best for a happy, healthy new year!



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