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October 23, 2009
Question: Which is the more handsome horse shown in the two photos?
November 12, 2009
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Horsie update

Ahvee’s Destiny is down in sunny Florida while her stablemate and tough competitor, Canadian Ballet, gets ready to compete in the Breeder’s Cup Turf Sprint next week. Wish we were there too. Maybe someday. For now, we’ll have to root for our friends’ horsie.

Holy Blitzer is being shipped to Belmont from Florida. When I asked Linda when she might race? Linda replied, “you mean we’re going to race this horse!” She thought that was pretty funny. I told her it was a good thing she was not standing next to me.

I’m eager to see Holy Blitzer. When we saw her last year in Ocala at Clyde’s ranch, she was magnificent to look at. So, before she races, I might as well look at her as eye candy and pay a visit to her and hear the Footsteps at Belmont. Hear the Footsteps continues to do well and, hopefully, will race before the year is out. Same for Holy Blitzer.

Katy’s Office Girl was re-Xrayed and they found a bone chip in her knee. Sounds like the surgery will keep her out of commission until Springtime.

Arielle’s Song will go back into training next week in Florida. Conseated Lady will follow a few weeks later.

Hey, Pat Hoppel, how about a report on the progress of the two colts at your farm?

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