Saratoga in December
December 9, 2012
Wheat Free – Day 5
December 20, 2012
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Injury Report

No Show Bates fractured his knee and will never race again. He will become a riding horse after it heals.

On Sunday, Numismatic looked really good for almost ¾ mile, then gave way. He couldn’t breathe. His throat was full of mucus.

Cameron Lucky ran on Sunday too. Started in 6th and finished in 6th. They ran more than 2 seconds faster than last week, when she won. Hopefully, she’ll make a good showing at the Meadowlands in January. She’s not sick, just not fast enough to beat this winner.

Jess Not Jesse has lots of problems… a tendon tear and chips in his ankles and one knee (I think that’s right). He also has arthritis. So, we are considering whether to surgically remove all the chips. If it’s in his best interest and not overly complex, we will do that and hope that his tendon heals and he can run next summer in Saratoga. Otherwise, he may be retired.

Awakino Cat in Florida and It’s Truly Ahvee at Aqueduct should be ready to go soon. Hopefully, our trainer will remember them and tell us when she’s entered them. Hear the Footsteps is supposed to be on vacation in Florida but I haven’t heard whether he is there yet.



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