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December 11, 2012
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December 24, 2012
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Wheat Free – Day 5

Nobody’s running. Happily, neither am I. My daughters asked me to read Wheat Belly which makes quite a case for eliminating wheat and wheat products from your diet. Since wheat and its use in other foods is ubiquitous, this is no easy task. Plus, he wants me (and you) to eliminate almost all carbs!

I love bread, pasta and cake (as a base for lots of icing), cookies and other sweets. So, I was projecting that if I made it to day 2 that would be it. Here it is day 5 and I’m still plodding along, rejecting all those Chanukah and Christmas gifts of truffles and other chocolates, cakes, and… well I can’t continue. My mouth is watering!

I’ve been stuffing my face with cheese and nuts. Believe it or not… no weight gain. I’m sure if I was devouring all those sweet gifts, I would be gaining weight… but at least I’d have a smile on my face! I can’t even have a taste of Ahvee’s Destiny’s regular feed!

As far as racing is concerned, I’ll be applying for a NJ Harness license, so Cameron Lucky and Numismatic can get an opportunity at Meadowlands Raceway and, maybe, Yonkers in January.

Awakino Cat should start in Florida the day or the day after I fly home from Key Biscayne. The race on the 30th at Gulfstream is too high a class for him to win at this point in his career, according to Linda. It’s Truly Ahvee should get to start at Aqueduct early in January.

Hear the Footsteps and Jess Not Jesse are on vacation in Ocala. We’re getting closer to a decision on what to do with Jess. Hear the Footsteps will come into training before Spring arrives. As for Ahvee’s Destiny’s next mating, I hope to have information on that soon too.

Hope you continue to have a nice holiday season and a wonderful new year!



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