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April 6, 2017
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April 27, 2017
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Lost Weekend


4th & Last

Perhaps, if Ahvee’s Destiny had continued to lose, we wouldn’t have been at the racetrack last weekend. We probably would have been discouraged from continuing. Of course, she won her first race at the very last moment possible on New Year’s Eve 2006, won two races at Saratoga in 2007, won four races, including her first Stakes in 2008. Eventually she won eleven races, including four Stakes. She sucked us in and it’s generally been a lot of fun.

The racing wasn’t fun this last weekend. On Friday, FlatteryWillGetYou was perfectly positioned coming into the stretch when she ran out of gas and faded to fourth. On Saturday, Ransom Note was in highly contested first place until the stretch when he folded like a deck of cards, finishing last.

Nonetheless, we got to see many friends and some really good races by other thoroughbreds. Socially, we were winners… but not out on the track.

So, FlatteryWillGetYou will get some time off to try and relieve stress and, hopefully, eat better and add some muscle. We’re hoping she’ll be back at the end of Belmont in July and also run at Saratoga in the summer and in the Fall at Belmont again.

Ransom Note tried blinkers in his race and the blinkers seem to have made him too eager to run, rather than relax. So, we may lose those in his next race or try a shorter distance.

Ahvee’s Destiny is one week from her foaling date. She’s doing pretty well with her sore hooves and, certainly, there will be less weight stressing her tootsies once she foals.

Less than four weeks remain to the Kentucky Derby. Our neighbor in Saratoga, has a horse named Local Hero that was qualifying but several others moved ahead of him this weekend. So, he may not get in.

Passover tonight, Easter coming on Sunday. Happy holidays!

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