My car know its own way to the Big A

Goodbye, Delta!
December 4, 2017
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December 13, 2017
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My car know its own way to the Big A


More racing in a short time span and, finally,

a winner!

Another Genius, Beyondelle, Delta Outlaw, Southern Union, Ransom Note, Hot Possebility, Hay Field… all raced over the last few weeks. My car has become self-driving (I wish!). Hold Me Down, a new claim, will run on Wednesday. Which one finally got us back into the Winner’s Circle after 8 1/2 months (my silks were being eaten by moths)…

Yes, HAY FIELD!! Can you read the chart? She won by 8 1/4 lengths. As Linda said after the race, “she destroyed the field!” After three straight second-place finishes, she is a Maiden no more.

We were so-o-o proud of her. Frankly, we were proud that we stuck with her. Assaf figured out how to make her feel more comfortable in training and on the track. Now, she has become a professional race horse. I doubt you’ll see her in a big, important race. But who knows. She has heart. Congratulations, Hay Field! And, thanks.

We will visit 4 youngsters in Virginia and 3 in Ocala. Of course, Aussie Ahvee will turn 3 on January 1st, when all race horses advance one year. So, the two weanlings who are in Virginia, including Love Code. will turn into yearlings. And, the 2 yearlings in Virginia and 2 in Ocala will turn 2 years old. Time marches on.

Assaf told us today that Beyondelle will race on December 22nd. We’ll try to see it in Florida. Go, Beyondelle!

Happy Chanukah. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year and any other holiday you may observe. Stay or get healthy. Maybe someday soon, you’ll join us for a race.

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