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December 12, 2017
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January 10, 2018
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News about our children


It’s been two years, since we’ve seen them perform. Tomorrow is the date, 7:30 pm is the time and excitement is ready to explode for more of their original music.

Arielle’s special brand of Folk-Rock-Pop opens the evening’s entertainment.  She’ll be on guitar and Daniel A. Weiss will be on the Keyboard with Percussion by Doug Yowell.  They’ll feature selections from her new album.

Then, the rock band you will want to hear and see, again and again, HINTS… featuring Jon Freedberg as lead singer on Keyboard, Jay Birke on Lead Guitar, Yaakov Benson on Drums and Ray Mills on Bass guitar. They’ll perform your favorites and introduce their newest songs, as well.

The address for the Triad is 158 West 72nd Street.

Some of us will be at Fine & Schapiro’s deli, a few doors down, at 138 W. 72nd at 5:30 for dinner. Got to get something in us to absorb that 2 drink minimum at the Triad. Please join us. It’ll be a wonderfully entertaining evening!



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