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January 23, 2010
We’re off to Israel tomorrow night for a couple of weeks. No horse racing in Israel.
February 3, 2010
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Name Revision

Posted by Avram Freedberg

One of the names was disallowed and there has been positive and negative feedback. So, here’s the current name game:

Yes it’s True – Vision Quest: It’s Truly Ahvee.

Midas Eyes – Uno Dos: Cricky’s GoldenEyes

We have to decide by week’s end if we’re going to nominate either or both to the Ocala April sale and have until the 15th to decide on the May Baltimore sale that takes place a few days after the Preakness. Linda is going to Florida mid-week and will give her opinion on both horses, so we can make a decision… at least about the first sale.

Pat says Ahvee’s Destiny is doing well but the growth of new hoof was impeded by the very cold weather. She probably won’t go back into training for at least another 30 days and, initially, they’ll try letting her run barefoot for a while, so as not to interrupt her progress. Being with Rachel Alexandra made me pine away for Ahvee’s Destiny, even more than I had been.

BTW, some people have asked if Rachel was our horse. All I can say that I fantasize about having a horse like Rachel. She is owned by Jess Jackson and his friend Harold McCormick. They purchased her for a reported $10 Million after she won the Kentucky Oaks by over 20 lengths.


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