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January 19, 2010
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January 25, 2010
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Dead Last

Posted by Avram Freedberg

Arielle’s song got a good start but had a very rough trip. First, Larry Colmus, the race caller said she was in tight quarters. Then, he said she was tough to handle. Finally, coming around the stretch turn, she was totally interfered with by a horse cutting in front of her and she had to be taken. Of course, she was already in the back of the pack. So “taking her up” meant she ended up last.

Linda Rice felt the jockey, Cornelio Velasquez, took too tight a hold of her and she was fighting him all the way. I guess he was trying to make sure she did not burn herself out, as she did in her last race when she ran a very fast opening quarter mile. This time she tired out fighting him and the other horses, who were all over the place. I hope Linda brings her back to race soon.

Holy Blitzer works out tomorrow. Hear the Footsteps and Conseated Lady will work again shortly. Hopefully, they will get to race next month. Katy is doing well in Florida and should progress soon to a race too.

Pat Hoppel’s recommendation is to race the 2-yr old colts because the sales market is so bad right now. Nonetheless, I want to get them race ready (or at least a fast 1/8th ready) by April. Linda is not known for bringing 2-yr.olds along quickly. She had a brilliant 2-yr. old multiple stakes winner, City Zip. So, I asked her how she got that horse along so early. The unfortunate answer is she got City Zip after his first race. So, others prepared the horse early. I’m hoping Pat will do that with these two colts who will be named Ehmet (for the Yes It’s True colt) and Midas for the Midas Eyes. True Vision (for the Yes It’s True) was the leading selection with 4 picks by the group but the name was already registered with the Jockey Club. These names don’t show as registered but we still need to get confirmation from the Jockey Club. By the way, Ehmet means truth in Hebrew.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts on the names. I hope you found it a fun exercise.

More to come!



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